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Back at it, November 2011

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

There are two problems with the truck that I’m having trouble dealing with, one is the rear end, the other is the steering box.

So I haven’t done much of anything for quite a while, but…

As I learned when working on the floor if you don’t know what to do work on what you do know, so I decided to tackle the engine and bellhousing.

Two problems with the bellhousing.  One is you are supposed to have special bolts, which I tried to get from SASCO before they closed.  The second is I’m working on a gravel driveway and engine hoists just aren’t made to roll on gravel.

Both problems were fixed with a couple of trips to Lowes.  The hoist rolls fine on a couple of big boards, and Lowes had bolts that work just fine.  After a few hours work the bellhousing is in place along with the rear mounts.


Bellhousing in place

After bolting things up I put the engine in place, it’s amazing how much better things line up with the right parts!

Front mount

Front mount

Rear mount

Rear Mount

Front Pulley

Front Pulley

The bellhousing and brackets work, and for the first time since this truck had its original six cylinder the engine is being supported by the proper parts and in the proper places.  Well… pretty much, at least the brackets are right, I still need to get the right motor mounts.

At this point I’m doing like the guys on TV do, making sure things bolt together and that I’ve got the right pieces.  Now I know the bellhousing bolts up, so I’m going to tackle the engine next.