Enough is enough!

Over seven years I had my share of problems, as you would expect with a truck this old.  One of the more aggravating ones was when the starter went out.  Normally a starter isn’t that big a deal, but when this one was replaced it made an awful grinding sound.  After much head scratching, impolite words, and with the help of the old alt.autos.studebaker newsgroup I finally determined that the problem was the truck had a 6 volt starter and flywheel.  Installation of a 6 volt starter solved the problem.

It actually made some sort of sense, the transmission is an early V8 T-86 so it fits that the starter and bellhousing would be too, although the engine is a 57.

That wasn’t the last problem because of that hodgepodge of parts.  Over the next 7 years I had that transmission out over 10 times and put at least three different ones in.

Finally I thought I had a good one.  Not only was it was a professionally built T-86 it was a heavy duty truck model.  It worked great for about six months, and then one day I steped on the gas and there was a “CLANK” “CLANK” from under the truck and it felt like there was a giant ratchet in the drive train.

So yet another call was made to the towing company to get the truck home.  I used parts of several other transmissions to put together another but the test drive was not successful.  Not only did the overdrive fail to engage but it kept kicking out of gear.  I parked the truck in disgust and didn’t do much of anything to it for a year.

Oh, and one other thing, if you have a vehicle off the road for a while be SURE you check the brakes before taking it on a test drive, or it can get REALLY exciting!

It’s a great old truck and I got tired of not being able to drive it so in the summer of 2007 I got to work.  The video is what the truck was like right before it was taken apart.

Now it’s time to get to work!


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