Presidents Day Weekend

Neither IBM nor Solectron gave us Presidents Day off, and of course neither did Brothers, so it was a really nice surprise to find out that Flextronics gives us Presidents Day off.  Go figure, neither a company based in New York or California gave us Presidents Day off, but a company based in Singapore does!

Murphy Supervising Murphy in his usual spot, supervising … which is what he does best.  I’m about to pull the seat out, hope he doesn’t get upset with me!

Test fitting the springs

Test fitting the springs

The springs were test fitted and I found the eyes needed to be cleaned out and I’d missed painting some spots.


This is the “patch” a previous owner used.  It’s held in place with silicon sealer… LOTS of silicon sealer, and nothing else.  The square hole is for access to the master cylinder.


And here is what was underneath, not pretty but aside from the missing section the cab is really solid.  Something strange must have happend to this corner while a previous owner had the truck sitting up, perhaps he left the battery sitting here?


One thing leads to another.  Because of the weakened condition of this cab mount the whole corner of the cab sagged and as I later found the floor was resting directly on the frame.  Because of the stress it caused that crack in the otherwise solid metal of the firewall and a crack where the rear door pillar connects to the sill (see below).  The sagging cab also caused the pedals to ride too high, causing air leaks (you can see light leaking past a seal above) and the pedal shafts to rub against the firewall.



Close up of the cab mount.  As you can see the mount is pretty much useless but the firewall and side of the cab are quite solid.


That old bolt did NOT want to come out, but eventually I got it.  For those of you who don’t do this kind of thing please note the red spots on the door sill to the right, yes that’s fresh blood.  Yes people who do these kinds of projects really do put our blood, sweat and tears into them!


Damaged section of floor removed, the grinder/cut off tool was a huge help with this, but the disk is pretty much used up!


I REALLY don’t need to add more to this project at this point but it looks like this would be a really good time to do the dual master cylinder conversion.


A bit more paint on the frame.  I’m not really sure this accomplishes anything but it seems like the thing to do.


This is a view no one wants of their truck.  The object in the foreground is the front and underside of the cab support bracket seen in the pictures above, and above it you can see the underside of the steering wheel.   The window in the background is the rear window of the cab.

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