More cab problems

Before I started doing serious welding it seemed like a good idea to get everything flammable out of the cab.  I also needed to take a good hard look at the other front cab mount.

Of course the seat had to come out, and of course one of the bolts just DIDN’T want to come out.


After using a breaker bar, vice grips, a bunch of WD-40 and a torch I finally had to cut off the captive nut to get this bolt free.


Gutted cab… I’m REALLY looking forward to putting it back together again!


This is the passenger side cab mount, not only does it also have a small crack but isn’t that cushon supposed to be on TOP of the support?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these trucks one of their unique features is a pair of body mounts on the firewall.  Those mounts arn’t used in the Champ but in fact are used to support the body in the Lark.

Given the weakened condition of this mount and the questionable strength of the new one I’m going to use those mounts for extra support.


This is the passenger side support, as you can see it’s right over the frame.


I’ve also been told that those mounts are supposed to be 1 7/8″ above the frame, they were less than 1/2″.

So for that the plan is to fabricate an inverted U shaped support to attach to the frame, then use bolt and rubber cushon in between.  I’m going to have these mounts taking most of the weight while the orginal ones will be snug but not real tight, the last thing I need is to have them all tight, uneven, and stressing the floor.

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