More progress and another problem

I was hoping to get the springs back in today but that didn’t quite work out.  Howevver the spring hangers are now all clean and painted.  In addition sitting in the weather for a year didn’t do the springs any good so they were cleaned and got some fresh paint too.

Painted Parts

Found a couple of more things too.  The panel on the lower left side of the firewall comes off, and once it’s off it’s far easier to get at the bolts that secure the rear spring hangers.  So I removed that and cleaned and sprayed it with bedliner (that’s the large piece in the picture above.

With that panel off another problem was exposed, the damaged left front cab mount.  Although I knew this was a problem dealing with it was going to be part of the next project but as exposed as it now is it seems like this is the time to address it.


If you look carefully in the above picture you can see a bit of bright red, that is the carpet inside the cab.

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